Is Deciphe free to use?
Yes! As a free user, you have the ability to upload one survey results file to give Deciphe a try. For additional capabilities and greater flexibility, we also offer a paid plan.
What file types and file size can I upload?
File uploads must be in CSV format. The maximum CSV file size is 170kB

For a typical survey CSV file, that is approximately 10,000 cells (for example, a survey with 10 questions and 1,000 responses). This could vary depending on the amount of information in the survey.

Have suggestions for other file types? Do you need to upload larger file sizes? Please contact us and we will do our best to help.
What do I do if I receive an error when uploading a file?
Sorry to hear about that! If you receive an error when uploading a file, please review the following and try again:

1. The file type is CSV format.
2. The file size is less than 170kB.
3. The CSV column headers are questions.
4. The CSV rows are the responses.
5. The responses in the file are in English (there is limited support for other languages).
6. The responses in the file are mainly qualitative (there is limited support for files that contain large amounts of quantitative or numerical data such as financial models).
7. (Uncommon) Ensure that the total character limit of the questions in the CSV is not too large. This can happen if there are many questions or if the questions have lengthy text. If you encounter an error, try reducing the number of questions or shortening the question text.

Still having issues? Please reach out using the contact form.
How does it work?
Beginning is a breeze! Easily register, upload your survey results file, and Deciphe will automatically generate your report. Plus, you can engage in a conversation with the survey results for even deeper insights using the Chat functionality. Our advanced AI digs into the survey data and provides you with detailed responses, complete with references.
What type of online surveys work best with Deciphe?
Deciphe excels at handling qualitative surveys, whether they contain long or short-form questions.
What format should the survey results be in?
Survey uploads are in CSV format. Typically, a header will feature titles that correspond to the survey questions in the first row, with subsequent rows populated by the responses. This layout is standard across most platforms by default.
Does Deciphe work with surveys other than English?
Deciphe is optimized for survey results provided in English. Survey results that are in languages other than English may not be adequately supported.
Can I share the survey results with others?
Yes, you can enabling survey sharing in Deciphe. This allows you to create a public URL to share survey responses and the generated AI report with your team; the chat functionality is not shared. Please refrain from publicly sharing or using any survey that is private or protected by copyright laws in a manner that could infringe upon those rights.
What is your refund policy?
Due to the operating expenses associated with Deciphe, we are unable to offer partial or full refunds. However, you have the ability to trial one survey upload for free and the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time from your account settings.
How can I get in touch with the Deciphe team for questions, support, or feedback?
Please visit the 'Contact' page on our website or email us at deciphe.ai@gmail.com - our team will get back to you soon as we can.

Have more questions? Reach out to our team.